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Elbow Pain Exercise

Author: Dr.Reneesh (Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon- WELLKINS Medical Centre)

Elbow pain is often overlooked, yet it deserves attention and care. Regular exercise strengthens the muscles around the elbow joint, improves flexibility, and enhances balance, leading to happier elbows and better overall mobility.

– Dr.Reneesh (Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon – Wellkins Medical Centre, Doha, Qatar)

1. Wrist Flexor Stretch

2. Wrist Extensor Stretch

3. Forearm Pronation and Supination

4. Eccentric Wrist Extension Exercise

5. Ball Squeeze Exercise

Bonus Tips:

  • Start slow and gradually increase repetitions and sets as you get stronger.
  • Listen to your body and stop if you feel pain.

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