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Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Medicine is an important and essential part of the diagnostic process. At WELLKINS Medical Centre, we provide efficient and prompt diagnostic services to meet the health care needs of the community. Our Laboratory is equipped with fully automated analyzers and advanced equipment. WELLKINS Laboratory Medicine department is staffed with experienced doctors and excellent technicians who are constantly updated with the latest protocols and methodologies. We always follow strict quality control measures to ensure precise and accurate test results.

Our laboratory test spectrum ranges from Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Serology, Immunology, Clinical Pathology and Cytology, including FNAC, Fluid and Sputum Cytology and Pap smear evaluation. We have collaborated with CAP and JCI accredited reference laboratories to extend our services in Microbiology, Histopathology and Molecular studies. The Laboratory department is integrated with the Hospital Information System (HIS) for faster and more accurate generation of reports by minimizing errors.


Majority of your treatment decisions are based on your lab test results. It provides valuable information about your health condition and also helps in monitoring your treatment.

The most commonly used samples are blood and urine. Other samples tested are stool, sputum, semen, CSF, body fluids, skin scrappings etc, depending on your clinical condition.

For tests done on fasting samples, you should not consume food for 8-12 hours before your lab tests. For some tests, you should avoid strenuous exercises and certain foods. For collecting samples for culture tests, you should keep strict sterile precautions. Therefore, always ask for special instructions when your doctor orders lab tests.

The time taken for lab test results varies. Most laboratory tests are finished in a few hours. Some test results may take 1 or more days. The lab staff can give you an estimated time for your results. Once the results are ready it will reach your doctor. If you have any critical lab results your doctor will contact you immediately. You will also get a copy of your results in your mail.

Once your results are ready, book an appointment with your doctor for reviewing the laboratory test results. Depending on your test results and clinical examination, your doctor will guide you about your overall health status and prescribe medicines if needed.

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