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Update: QLM, Al Koot, Nextcare, Allianz, Cigna & GlobeMed Insurance now at Wellkins Medical Centre. ***Services available: General Medicine | Gynecology | Paediatrics | ENT | Orthopedics | Dermatology | Ophthalomlogy | Dental | Laboratory | Radio Diagnosis.
About Us
About Us


Wellness is at the core of what we believe in and promotes through our programs and services. It’s what we’ve stood for over 20 years and we couldn’t be happier to re-introduce ourselves with a name and brand that better reflects who we always have been. We are very excited to now welcome you to WELLKINS.

Wellkins is progressive and we value inclusivity; our efforts are backed by experience, technology, research and best practices established by the state of Qatar. Children, youth, family, elderly can all turn to us in times of need.

You may be wondering: Why Wellkins? The name was inspired by the archaic English term for wide open blue skies, which is a positive, aspirational symbol the organization aims to embody. Wellkins is also a combination of the word “well” like wellness, and “kin,” meaning friends, family, and community. And finally, it says what we say to anyone in times of need: You’re welcome here. Join us in promoting our positive message and putting our best (new) face forward in the community by rallying around: We are Wellkins!

Currently, we have General Medicine, Pediatrics, OB & Gynecology, ENT, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Dental, Laboratory and in-house Pharmacy to start with. More departments and facilities will be added in the coming months.


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Dr.Jacob Neil

General Medicine

Dr.Mary Swapna Metreenj

General Practitioner

Dr.Harshad PM

General Practitioner

Dr.Verlyn Zuniega Cruz


Dr.Sihab Panakkathodan


Dr.Asha Anne Jacob


Dr.Preethi Sarma




Dr.Steffy Mariyam Reji


Dr.Rahmathunnisa AM


Dr.Ambily Mathew


Dr.Biji Anilkumar

Laboratory Medicine

Dr.Syed Jaffer Sadique

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wellkins July 12, 2022

What Can I Do About Sensitive Teeth?

Author: Dr.Rahmathunisa AM (General Dentist) Tooth sensitivity is one of the most common complaints everywhere in the world. Almost half the population suffers from

wellkins October 21, 2022

An Overview of Arthritis; Symptoms, Causes, Types & Treatment

Author: Dr.Reneesh (Specialist Orthopedic  - WELLKINS Medical Centre)When you have Arthritis, the cartilage in your joints begins to break down and becomes inflamed or

wellkins August 16, 2022

The Hidden Pandemic: Metabolic Syndrome!

Author: Dr.Jacob Neil (Specialist Internist - WELLKINS Medical Centre) As we are going through a major pandemic of COVID-19 there is also another emerging

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