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The ENT department at WELLKINS Medical Centre provides high quality treatment to all age groups. Our department is equipped with the latest tools to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. We are committed to providing high quality ENT services at the lowest prices, using the latest technologies and equipment in a comfortable environment. Our highly trained, & experienced ENT team strives hard to make patient-visits stress-free and enjoyable within a safe and positively soothing environment.

ENT department of WELLKINS Medical Centre provides the following services:

  • Assessment and treatment of Ear, Nose and Throat diseases
  • Treatment of sinusitis, Rhinitis and Tonsillitis
  • Treatment of adenoiditis
  • Treatment of Laryngeal Diseases
  • Treatment of ear infections and hearing loss
  • Treatment of chronic headache
  • Removal of Ear Foreign body
  • Removal of Nasal Foreign body
  • Nasal Endoscope
  • Audiology tests(Hearing tests)-Pure tone audiometry, Tympanometry



Otolaryngology is a specialty of Modern medicine, focusing on ear, nose and throat. It is the short form of Otorhinolaryngology which comes from modern Greek: Oto(ear), Rhino(nose) and Lar-yngo (larynx/throat).
An Otolaryngologist is often called “Ear- Nose-Throat doctor or ENT doctor”.

Yes. They have both medical and surgical skills, so they can provide treatment by prescribing medicines or performing operations.

For many people, Allergic Rhinitis is a lifelong condition that waxes and wanes over time. However, the symptoms can be controlled by consulting a doctor,
along with the avoidance of the triggering factors.

Adenoids are small lymph tissues at the back of the nose, above the roof of the mouth. They are a part of the body’s defense system.

Enlarged Adenoids can cause snoring, mouth-breathing, persistent nose-block, cold, sinus infections, ear problems, hearing loss, voice changes etc.

Adenoid glands show physiological (normal) enlargement till the age of 5-6 yrs, then tends to reduce in size and by teenage, they are almost completely gone.
Majority of the children with symptoms of enlarged adenoids can be considered for medicines before operation.

It is proven that the removal of Adenoids or Tonsils DOES NOT reduce the function of the immune system.

Sinuses are air filled spaces in the skull. They are located behind the forehead, cheek, nasal bones and eyes. Most of the time, mucous is able to
drain out and air is able to flow through the sinuses. If this drainage is blocked, sinus infections develop (Sinusitis).

If left untreated, sinus infection can result in continuing pain and discomfort, that lasts for months. Though rarer,
there are more serious complications too- like brain, bone and eye spread.

It is best to catch hearing-loss early, so that treatment can be started early. Even mild hearing-loss can cause problems with speech, language, learning and social skills.
The type of hearing test depends on the child’s age, development and health.

Yes. Hearing loss can occur with age (as in old age) and due to exposure to noise (seen in industrial workers). In the initial stages,
this type of hearing-loss is not even felt by the person concerned, but can be diagnosed by a simple audiometry.

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