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WELLKINS’ Post Covid Assessment is for those who have recovered from COVID-19. Even after you fully recovered from the COVID infection, COVID-19 can have a prolonged impact on your body organs. It’s recommended that people who recovered from COVID-19 infections should have this checkup regularly or as advised by their doctors until all the organ health conditions come back to normal. If you have been infected with COVID-19 in the past, get a Post-Covid-19 health assessment, which will help you to monitor your health. In order to make Post-Covid-19 health examination accessible to everyone, WELLKINS Medical Centre is pleased to present specially designed post-covid evaluation packages that range in price from QR 49/- to QR 149/-

If you are unable to decide on package, you may please choose Bronze. While consulting with specialist we shall assist you and upgrade to suitable packages if required. 

Fact #1

Bronze @ Qr.49/-

Specialist Consultation + BMI (Body Mass Index) +CBC (Complete Blood Count) + RBS (Random Blood Sugar) + Physical Evaluation + Questionnaire

Fact #2

Silver @ Qr.99/-

Bronze + Chest X-Ray

Fact #2

Gold @ Qr.149/-

Silver + Spirometry

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